Saturday, February 4, 2012

Rainy Weekend

Last night the boys, Nana and I went to Jackson, did a little shopping, and got to see Hailey. We had a great time, and the boys got to eat their favorite, broccoli and cheese soup from Jason's Deli. We started off Saturday with a great birthday party. The boys had a great time. Now, we have just been playing and watching cartoons and the rain. It has been such a good Saturday.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pretty Day

Braxton and Barrett enjoyed some time outside, while Brayden took a nap.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Another Accident??? Brayden and I took a spill down the stairs Thursday afternoon. It did not even scare him. He just looked at me like, "Momma are you okay?". Braxton ran up to check on me, and I told him I was fine. He is so sweet to his Momma and always tries to take care of me. I hobbled around the rest of the day and Friday, but Saturday I was ready to go get it checked out. Momma was coming to bring us chicken plates from the baseball team, so as soon as she got to our house I left to get it checked out. I have a broken bone in my foot; it is supposed to heal on its own. I have to wear the boot for a month, but it is not bad at all. It has made my foot feel so much better. The boys and I went to Jackson today to play. The picture above is of them making silly faces to send to their Daddy in between stores. So, my fall reminded me of another couple of accidents I've had with the boys, and I wanted to write them down while I still remember them so clearly. #1-My Paw Paw, Bobby, some of my cousins, and some of Bobby's bosses were at my grandfather's house drinking coffee and talking one afternoon after hunting. So,Braxton and I stopped by to see everyone. Braxton was playing in the front yard, and he kept getting closer and closer to the ditch. He stepped one step to close and fell in. Bobby was closer to him, and he was trying to get him. Well, I didn't think he was moving fast enough so I jump in to grab him, well the water was so cold I froze, literally, I couldn't move or breathe...Bobby had to grab me and Braxton and pull us both out. Then, we had to go in PawPaw's house, I'm soaking wet, pregnant and Braxton is soaking wet in front of my family which was no big deal but Bobby's bosses...I was so embarassed, and I can't believe I'm writing it down for everyone to read. But, I do want to write it down, so I can tell Braxton all about it when he is older. #2-(This happened in the same weekend as the ditch accident) Bobby, Braxton, and I were riding the Gator down the dirt road at Momma and Daddy's house, and we meet Mr. Calvin, their neighbor, riding his old timey covered wagon pulled by his mule. He asked me if Braxton and I would like to ride. So, of course pregnant me and Braxton jump in. We head down the dirt road, get to the stop sign, turn down the farm to market road and are enjoying our ride. We had not seen any vehicles, then here comes an eighteen wheeler going pretty fast and it never slowed down when it saw us. The truck scared the mule. It tried to go down the side of the road, which was extremely to steep for the wagon, and we flipped down the embankment. All I knew to do was hold Braxton. It did not scratch a hair on his head, praise God. I was sore and scratched up, and Mr. Calvin had a broken collar bone. The sad part is the eighteen wheeler did not even stop to check on us. Thankfully, I had my cell phone, so we called Bobby and he and Momma and Daddy came and got us. We were all okay, just so scared. So, now I can laugh at these moments that scared me to death and you can too...

Friday, January 27, 2012

Update on the Boys Brayden is walking so good and playing with the boys. He is really growing up. He wants to be a big boy now. He is still sleeping in his crib and doing great. I think we are starting to cut more teeth.:( He has learned to give kisses, and he loves it. Barrett did not do so good when school started back. He had gotten used to being at home, so we both had to get back into the swing of things. He is doing fine now. He loves Ms. Deirdre and Ms. Ashley so much. Braxton is still loving school, and he wants to be a big boy and walk by himself to class. He is into American Idol and in his conversation with Hailey on the phone last night he told her he was going to sing Jesus Loves Me, and they were going to give him a ticket to Hollywood. He needed to make sure she was going to come watch him. The boys have been playing outside a lot. Here are a couple of pictures from this month.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy New Year Everyone!!! 2011 was such a great year! I just looked through my pictures, and I have so many good memories. I know there are so many things I am going to want to remember, so one of my many resolutions is to keep up with my blog. I want to do this for the boys and our family so we can keep track of all these great moments. For example, Friday night Nana was laying in the bed with Braxton and he asked her if God or Jesus cooked in heaven. She said well Brax maybe the angels cook for everyone, and his response was "Nana you know the angels can't hold spatulas!" We thought it was the cutest thing ever he didn't think they could hold a spatula with their wings. Barrett has grown up so much this year. He really likes school and Puggles. He will do anything Braxton wants to do. His big thing right now is he loves to change clothes! He also LOVES Woody from Toy Story. Brayden is walking everywhere, climbs the stairs, and ONLY likes to sleep in his crib. There are so many things I am leaving out, but I plan to keep this up so we can treasure all these precious memories! I am adding some of my favorite pics from the year:)

Friday, July 30, 2010